Flavio de Gregorio

The disposition of the sign praises the iconological treatise preferred by the tonal liveliness. The iconographic arrangement enhances the pictorial structure created by the artist Antonio Anastasia, who, in the movement conditioned by the reaction of the elements, also considers the objective priorities of the revisions in circular layers typical of his paintings.

With this indicative response, Antonio Anastasia’s painting is unique and deserving in its concretist definition which exalts the forces capable of interacting with the multitudes and chromatic sequences, solid and which contrast the space, for attitudes measured in distances and brought closer with subjects arranged in the emblematic vision of reality, in a world made of harmonic form, revisited in the effective context of the dynamic spatial configuration, conceived by the artist as a creative investigation towards the solid and its consistency by virtue of descriptive procedures that fill its marvelous historical treatise and adorn the naturalistic surroundings with spectacular light effects that interact beautifully with the organic vision”. Conferment of the title “Academic of Honor for Life”.

 Cav. Flavio de Gregorio

Art historian and critic