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Quotation Coefficient Certificate

Quotation Coefficient Certificate

Quotation coefficient 7.0. Filing Code: 09730 – 02942. Determined by SEAC Academy.

Info Coefficient : it is an arithmetic value that helps determine the market price of an artist’s work, and is established by an authoritative art gallery or art critic, through an analytical study of the artistic curriculum vitae. Calculation: Base sum and height in cm. multiply by the coefficient and finally multiply by 10.

Post-Cubist / Futurist Works : Average Coefficient of Quotation 7.0
Abstract/Informal/Naturalist : Average Coefficient of Quotation 2.0

For purchases, contact the Artist at the number: 329 4047 918.
Mail: anastasia.antonio@alice.it

Undocumented early works (between 1963 and 1968)

These works have no photographic documentation:
Woman in dressing gown, 60 X 80 cm. Oil on canvas
Sunset over the sea, 70 X 50 cm. Oil on canvas
Sleeping nude, 70 X 50 cm. Oil on canvas
The port as a whole, 70 X 50 cm. Ink on cardboard
Villa Poligarita, 50 X 40 cm. Ink and watercolor
Musical instruments, 40 X 50 cm. Ink on cardboard
Study of nudes, 50 X 70 cm. Ink on cardboard
Still life with leaves, 50 X cm 70. Oil on canvas
Woman getting up, 100 X 70 cm. Oil on canvas
Reclining nude, 70 X 50 cm. Colored pencils
The model’s face, 50 X 70 cm. Charcoal
Space in 3000, 40 X 50 cm. China on cardboard
Crucifixion, cm 25 X 35. Engraved on Linoleum
Decorative panel, cm 35 X 50. China on cardboard
City in movement, cm 50 X 70. Oil on canvas
City – Decorative panel for Bar Loiacono – Maglie, cm 300 X 200. Tempera on wood

Furthermore, the photographic documentation of about forty other works, produced and given to the various officers during the military service period from July 1971 to October 1972 at the NBC Battalion in Rieti, is missing. If you have works from the aforementioned period, please contact the artist for the Certification of Authenticity.